Growing bamboo in corten steel planters

Bamboo can be grown in corten steel planters provided a few simple steps are taken to provide the right conditions.  It is important to select the correct species of bamboo for your location, application and climate.  For this you should consult your local bamboo grower.  For this project Spectabilis bamboo was used.

Proper drainage is vital for healthy bamboo.  Our trough corten steel planters come with 6 drain holes that are 1” in diameter.  Also, should it become necessary, it is relatively easy to cut out additional holes for drainage or irrigation tubing.

Because metal absorbs heat we recommend insulating the walls of the planter to protect the roots of the bamboo on hot summer days.  Corrugated plastic can be used to insulate the inside walls of the steel planter.  Corrugated plastic is a good choice as it will create an air gap between the roots of the bamboo and the hot metal.  Plastic sheets can be easily cut to size by a utility knife to fit inside the planter box.  The plastic sheets can be purchased from a local sign supply retailer or online.

The roots of bamboo need room to grow, so choose a container that has space for the roots to thrive.  The 20”Hx46”Lx20”W corten planters have 80 gallons of volume to accommodate many species of bamboo.

Taking care of these few key points can assure that you are successful at growing beautiful bamboo in corten steel planters.

grwoing bamboo in corten steel planters

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