Corten steel raised planter beds

Raised garden beds and planters are great for growing plants and vegetables.  Corten steel garden beds are an excellent way to add some modern garden pieces to your backyard and grow some delicious vegetables at the same time.

Our retail corten steel planter bed has perfect dimensions at 14″ high and 40″x40″ long and wide.  Makes for easy weeding and is convenient to reach all plants.  Also, it is big enough to have plenty of soil volume that it will not dry out on a hot summer day. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. It has no bottom and is designed to be placed directly on the ground.  Install the bottom edges of the planter at ground level and do not bury them in the soil completely.

growing vegetables in corten steel planter beds


Also, the same design can be fabricated with custom dimensions.  Here are two such corten steel raised garden beds with custom dimensions of 60″long x 36″ wide x 26″ high

custom corten steel planter beds