Corten Steel Decorative Screens and Planter

Decorative laser cut corten steel screens have been traditionally used to create privacy and hide unsightly views.  For example, creating some privacy on your deck and patio or blocking the view of your neighbor’s messy backyard.  Also, the screens allow for natural light to come through while blocking excessive direct sunlight.

A major challenge for metal screen installations is securing the screens to prevent them from tipping or falling.  Installing metal screens usually involves drilling holes in the walls or the ground to provide anchor points for the screen frame.  We decided to address these issues by designing a planter box that seamlessly incorporates a corten screen into the planter.  Our design uses the weight of the soil to keep the screen from tipping. The corten screens are bolted to a frame and are balanced by the weight of the planter, which sits in the base of the frame.

The planters also have optional casters so they can be rolled to different locations on the street, patio, etc.  When left exposed to the elements the screen and planter will develop a golden brown rust patina. This patina acts as a protective layer that prevents corrosion.

Another option to add privacy and separation is to use a trellis with climbing plants to create a green wall.   The corten planters fit in a trellis frame, which has two welded wire screens.  The welded wire screens provide a space for climbing plants or hanging planters.

Corten Planters