Why Corten Planters Are Popular?

Nice Corten Steel Planter 20″x46″x20″

Corten steel planters are a popular choice for homeowners and commercial installations for several reasons.  Corten steel, also known as Cor-ten or weathering steel has been a favorite with architects and landscape designers for its durability and modern industrial look.  So, using corten steel planters is an easy way to add a modern industrial feel to your backyard or patio.   Over time the corten steel develops a golden brown rust patina that protects the planter from corrosion.  Durability is another reason corten planters are an excellent choice for gardening.  Unlike painted planters that are susceptible to scratching of the paint from shovels and other garden tools, corten is far more resistant to scratches and dents.  If by chance one manages to scratch the corten planter the steel will patina over in a matter of weeks back to a smooth, even texture whereby concealing all visible marks and scratches.  Further, corten planters can be left outside in all seasons and will not crack from cold or heat.

Corten steel planters can be accessorized with benchtops, casters, trellises and laser-cut corten screens.

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Corten Planters