Pine Street

Flow-through planters conserve water and improve energy efficiency of buildings.  We designed and fabricated these extra large corten steel planters for a residential development in San Francisco.  The planters were delivered to the construction site and hoisted to roof decks and patios throughout the building.

These flow-through planters utilize ¼” thick corten steel construction.  They can be fabricated in lengths over 20 feet and up to 4 feet high and 6 feet wide.  The top and bottom of the planter side edges have been formed at 90 degrees to minimize seems and welding.  Also, forming the material provides structural integrity for the planter and eliminates the need for stiffeners like angle iron.   All seams of these planters have been continuously welded so the planter is water tight.  Drain holes are cut at precise locations to allow for the planter to be connected to drain pipes.