Custom Watertight Benchtop

Our stock bench troughs offer a great solution for storage of your garden tools and backyard accessories.  The removable benchtop is fabricated from durable polystyrene planks and is supported by an aluminum frame.  The bench top is not watertight and is designed to let the water escape through the drain holes in the base of the bench.

We do get questions about options for a watertight benchtop.  Although we do not fabricate watertight benchtops, here is a beautiful example of how a watertight benchtop could be fabricated.

The below benchtop was constructed by laminating several ¾” thick IPE hardwood planks together.  Then the IPE bench top is sanded smooth and coated with urethane sealant.  Further, the benchtop is secured to the planter base with a piano hinge.  The cost of IPE hardwood for this project was $90 and the stainless hinge was $20.

IPE Hardwood Benchtop – Credit Thomas Rossiter