Alexandia Rooftop

We have developed an expertise in large-scale rooftop planter installations in the San Francisco Bay Area that have challenging design specifications.  Our value-added engineering approach involves taking the planter design concept provided by the landscape architects and applying our knowledge of the manufacturing process to produce a cost-effective planter design that is consistent with aesthetic vision, while at the same time achieving cost-effective planter installation.

Cor-ten steel is the most cost-effective material for large-scale metal planter installations.   Cor-ten steel can be efficiently formed and welded.  There is no expense of painting this material as Cor-ten will weather over time to form a protective patina. These extra-large planters were formed from ¼” thick steel sheets that are over 20 feet long.

In addition, Cor-ten steel planters can be manufactured off-site in large quantities and shipped to the job site.  This type of steel is very durable, and if the surface is scratched in shipping the imperfection will be concealed by the onset of patina.

Cor-ten planters can be used to create large open planting areas on the roof.  In the following picture pedestals were placed onto high density foam, then the planters were moved into position using a spider crane.  Planters were filled with lightweight soil to reduce the amount of installed weight.