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Corten Steel Planters on Casters

Putting casters on planters is not always an easy thing to do.  The planter has to be sturdy enough to handle being rolled around, and the casters have to be tough enough to support hundreds of pounds of soil that is inside the planter.   Our approach was to design a caster frame from angle iron that the casters bolt to, and the corten steel planters sit inside the caster frame.

Here are some pictures of our planters at Blue Line Pizza in Campbell, California.  The city ordinance does not allow for objects to be left outside the restaurant on the side walk.  The planters are used during the day to define a patio space, and are rolled away and stored in the evening. Stop by, have some pizza and beer and check out these planters.

corten planter patio 1 corten planter patio 2 corten planter patio 3

Growing herbs and vegetables in corten planters

Corten steel planters are great for container gardening.  They can be used in areas such as rooftops or patios to create herb and vegetable gardens.  Also, they are ideal for utilizing space along the fence to plant herbs and vegetables.  The area along my fence receives only a couple of hours of direct sun light a day, so I selected shade-tolerant greens: arugula, kale and kohlrabi.   I placed my corten steel planters (16”x46”x16”) along the fence.  I set the planters on top of grey concrete blocks, which allows the planter to sit higher off the ground so I don’t have to bend down as much, and also keeps the planter bottom from being buried in the ground.  I am very happy with how well things are growing in my planters this year.  I have been enjoying some delicious fresh salad.


Corten steel planters herbs vegetablescorten steel planters Kale arugula kohlrabicorten steel planters kohlrabicorten steel planter kale